Wallet Refresh Program

Customize Your Zuboot Wallet

Personalized Wallet Refresh Program

Reprint your personalized wallet again within one year of your original print. Within 365 days of your original order if you want to refresh the front of wallet print, send it back to us in a prepaid postage label, we will reprint your photo on your wallet. Or, you can choose another photo to print too. You just pay for shipping and handling of $15 and no additional costs are included, you will get a fresh new print on your wallet.

Depending on wear and tear and how you handle your wallet, it will chip or scratch over time. Our printing process is meant to be permanent, but even the most hearty printing process will wear over time. This program is meant to keep your wallet face fresh and looking like new for years to come!

Enroll in our refresh program within 365 days of your original order to request your print. Send an email to: refresh @ zuboot.com to enroll.

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