Reusable Telescopic Metal Straw

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Reusable Telescopic Metal Straw

$10.99 $15.99

Did you know? Over 500 hundred million straws are used each day in the US. The majority of them are not biodegradable or recyclable, they end up in landfills where they released chemicals into the air, soil, and water. Yuck.

These environmentally friendly straws come with their own cleaning brush, making cleaning a breeze. Made from lightweight, super durable, and corrosion-resistant aluminum, our reusable straw provides a collapsible (it’s telescopic!), easy-to-store alternative to its outdated plastic cousin. Great for adults and kids. Whether it is for you, friends, or your family. These retractable, reusable straws make a great gift!

Plastic straws are wasteful, bad for the environment, and hazardous. Did you know that over 8 billion plastic straws pollute the world’s beaches? This innovative tool can help KEEP YOU SAFE and help SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT, just slip in your pocket and go.

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