Resources & Video Library

Learn how to use and care for your new wallet in our resource and video library. 

Maintenance and Care For Your Personalized or Limited Edition Print Wallet

We get a lot of questions on how to care for and maintain your personalized RFID wallet fromMenWallets. In this video we walk you through steps on how you should be caring for your personalized wallet to maintain its vibrant color. Watch this video for more information.

How to Use Your Personalized or Limited Edition Print MenWallets Wallet

We walk you through a quick how-to video on using your Personalized or limited edition print RFID wallet. Watch this video to learn more.

RFID Technology and RFID-Blocking Wallets Explained

Learn why RFID technology was first invented, how it has been used and how it’s used today in personal devices such as wallets, for tracking purposes, and more. This video explains how RFID-blocking works and how it’s used in our slim wallets.

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