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Life Is Yours - The Zuboot Story

Zuboot was founded by a husband and wife team. Two lifelong entrepreneurs who's mission is to find success on their own path. Their combined skills, wisdom, and philosophies not only inspired those around them, but are at the very core of Zuboot. We as a whole believe that risk and opportunity are two sides of the same coin and that great things can be achieved when you believe in yourself and believe in each other.

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit hard in 2020 the whole world faced a truly unprecedented time of uncertainty whose effects will never be forgotten. As entrepreneurs our founders saw this as a time of change, change in the way we all live, view, and behave in the world. In these troubling times our founders saw an opportunity to bet on themselves and create something big and bold! Putting their creative minds, different backgrounds, cultures, and ideas together, they wanted to develop something that inspires them everyday and allows them to give back in a big way. Thus, Zuboot was born. Of course our founders were not alone during our humble beginnings, they had help from our brilliant designer and head of creative Rohan Edwards. Most of the spectacular designs you will come across on our website were crafted and printed by Rohan. From there our team began to grow, building on the strong foundation we'd established in our first year. 

Live It Up - The Zuboot Brand And Philosophy

Zuboot's Inspiration came from the the idea that everyone you meet has their own personal style. Individuals with their own likes, dislikes, dreams, goals, and ambitions. Everything you wear or carry with you all tells a story, so why shouldn't your wallet? For so long wallets have been purely functional. At Zuboot, we believe your wallet should be an expression of YOU. Your life, family, experiences, or whatever inspires you to look and feel your best. Our wallets are made unique because you're unique. No matter you are or what your style, at Zuboot we want to make a wallet that will let your individuality shine. Remember, Life Is Yours, Live It Up!

Zuboot offers a product that people not only love, but that helps them give back at the same time. You can feel good about being a Zuboot customer because each purchase helps make a difference. Through Feeding America, purchases made on are turned into donations to help feed families in need across the country.

The Zuboot team is so happy that you have joined our community and we offer our sincerest thanks for helping us make our dreams a reality.