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"It’s slim and I barely notice it in my back pocket. The cash clip is awesome, and cards are much easier to find and remove than I thought. Would easily buy again for a gift to friends or family." - Griffin M.

Custom Photo Wallet

Personalize Your Wallet However You Want!

Personalizing your wallet is easy and fun! You pick the image, inspirational quote, family photo, favorite pet or anything that inspires you and we can add it right onto your wallet! Remember the days when we used to carry our photos in our wallets? Now, you carry your favorite photo ON your wallet! These are a hit with everyone!

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It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3!

Personalized Wallets

Start the process by clicking the Start Now button, then Select Personalize Now. This will take you into our design tool.

Step 1 – Choose your wallet style

Step 2- Select the Image icon to upload a photo from your computer or phone or choose one from our unlimited library of images, designs and quotes.

Step 3 – Add your finished product to your cart! Purchase and you are done. Your personalized wallet will be shipped within one business day!



Watch How Easy It Is!

We walk you through step by step how you can create your wallet print! It's fun and easy.

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Richie Pena
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Great Wallet Amazing Company! Definitely a must buy for anyone looking to get rid of clunky thick wallets super secure and keeps all my cards in!
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Having a nice, sleek, sturdy wallet is perfect. It’s great knowing that my cards are secure and won’t fall out. I don’t understand how anyone can put those huge traditional wallets that look like hockey pucks in their back pocket lol.
Griffin Manos
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Easy purchase! It’s slim and I barely notice it in my back pocket. The cash clip is awesome, and cards are much easier to find and remove than I thought. Would easily buy again for a gift to friends or family.
Jonathan S.
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I received my wallet a few days ago and I am loving it so far. It is very slim easy to carry and I love the green color.😃👍

Makes A Great Gift For Any Occasion!

Makes a great gift for men and women. Our wallets come in many styles and colors to choose from. Everyone needs a wallet, so make this the last wallet they will ever use. Gift the ultimate fashion accessory that has tons of style. 

  • Slim, Sleek Design
  • Easy to Carry – front or back pocket
  • Super stylish and fashionable
  • Comes in many colors and materials
  • Highly resilient and durable for years to come
  • Backed by Warranty

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Personalized Wallets


“The image came out amazing, the price was excellent, and the delivery time was much faster than I imagined.” – Judy T.

Our unique personalization process allows us to print high quality images right on the face of your wallet. Take our  blank canvas and turn your wallet into a masterpiece. Personalized wallets are popular with families, artists, gifting, and for special occasions.



Customize Wallets make Great Corporate Gifts or Giveaways!

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Stops Skimming

No more skimming scams with this RFID wallet. Prevent credit card data theft with the style of carbon fiber or aluminum. 

Extra Durable

These wallets are so durable, we’re willing to bet on it. That’s why we are backing it with a lifetime guarantee. 

Keep It Secured

Whether you carry 1 card or 12 cards, it doesn’t matter. This wallet will keep them secured and in place without slipping out.

Great Gift Idea

Looking for a great gift idea for the guy or girl in your life? Minimalist wallet is the perfect choice. Plus, it comes in many cool colors.

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We’ve got you covered! With our Wallet Refresh Program, you can reprint your personalized wallet again within one year of your original print. We will refresh the front of your wallet, send it back to us, we will reprint your photo on your wallet. Details available after purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Personalized wallets are created through a unique process, where we print your favorite photo or text right on the front face of your minimalist wallet.

Personalized wallets are gaining popularity because they are so unique. Zuboot is the first company to print a completely personalized image on the front of your wallet.

Engraved wallets have limitations because you have to carve into the material, you cannot get the same bright picture quality as you can with our unique process. Engraving can only be done on certain wallet materials, where we can print on almost any surface.

If we get your order before 12noon EST, we usually print your personalized wallet the same day! If after that time, we will print it the next day.

Our Wallet Refresh Program is our guarantee that your printed image on your wallet will stay fresh and new. If at any point you feel your wallet needs a refresh, we’ll print it for Free! Learn more details about our exclusive Refresh Program in our terms and conditions. 

  • Five times the tensile strength of steel
  • Two times the stiffness of steel
  • Remarkably low weight to strength ratio
  • High chemical resistance
  • High tolerance to high and even excessive heat
  • It is naturally corrosion-resistant, which means that it never rusts
  • So designer-friendly and versatile that it is been called the future of design.

All of which makes carbon fiber very popular in the design of aerospace, aviation, and military products as well as in many products perfectly suited for extreme sports and adventure enthusiasts. Look at any high-end racing or off-road bicycle, for instance, and you will very likely find a carbon fiber frame. In other words, carbon fiber wallets pack huge value into their thin, ultra-stylish designs.

Our wallets are made of carbon fiber or aluminum material. Carbon fiber is five-times stronger than steel. Both these materials are designed to prevent skimming and are RFID blocking. They are super durable and we’re so confident that we have a guarantee and warranty on the functioning parts.


RFID and skimming are a very particular brand of electronic pickpocketing. When cards are activated by an RFID reader, their chips can transmit information wirelessly, making it easy for your information to be stolen and for strangers to make a purchase without physically having your card.

Our wallets can hold up to 12 cards without being stretched.