Are Aluminum Wallets Strong and Durable?

Are Aluminum Wallets Strong and Durable?

Are Aluminum Wallets Strong and Durable?

Buying a new wallet is never a task that any man looks forward to. Finding one that suits your style perfectly and with enough space to hold your ID, credit cards, and even cash (for those rare instances when you still use paper money) can be time-consuming and frustrating. Finding one that feels right in your suit pocket and jeans is like hitting that perfect tee shot – it can happen but never quickly or often enough. 

Luckily, metal wallets have been trending very strongly for several years, with aluminum versions, in particular, catching the eye of wallet designers and discriminating buyers around the world. But while a stylish alternative to the traditional leather bifold does exist, one key question always needs to be answered: is an aluminum wallet strong and durable enough for a high-performance lifestyle?

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Let’s Talk Aluminum

Aluminum (or aluminium it is pronounced outside of North America) is the most abundant metal on the planet and the third most common element (only oxygen and silicon are more plentiful). Pure aluminum is relatively soft and lacking in tensile strength. But the more common aluminum alloys (aluminum mixed with small amounts of copper, zinc, magnesium, or lithium) is as strong but much lighter than steel. High-strength aluminum is found most commonly in two conditions:

  • where strength and lightness are primary concerns, as in planes, trains, and automobiles

  • where extreme conditions demand super durability, which is why the US military and NASA are huge fans of the alloy. 

The airframe of the famous F-16 fighter jet is, in fact, 80% aluminum. The most popular choice for the shark cages used to protect divers from the wrath of Jaws: aluminum. So, the short answer is yes: an aluminum wallet is naturally strong and durable.

The Longer Answer: Strength Alone is Not Enough

But what does being strong and durable really mean when considering the purchase of an aluminum wallet? In fact, it means a number of things: 

Balances weight and strength. If aluminum bars can be designed to withstand the 1,000-psi bite force of a great white shark, our aluminum wallet can likely handle anything your extreme lifestyle throws its way. But strength alone is never enough, especially when considering something that you are going to carry every day in a pocket or backpack. An aluminum wallet is a rare combination, strong and lightweight at the same time. Slip it into the pocket of your suit jacket and forget about it. No bulky bulge or tugging weight to remind you that its there. Slim, light, and almost indestructible. But never noticeable.

Absorbs crash energy. Credit cards and other important documents are safe in your aluminum wallet, which is designed to be virtually uncrushable. In fact, aluminum can absorb almost twice as much crash energy as steel of the same thickness. Lose an edge when snowboarding? Your aluminum wallet will take the tumble in style and be perfectly intact for your next flawless run down that double black diamond.  

Beats the elements. Water, chemicals, and fire are the mortal enemies of traditional leather or fabric wallets. Upgrading to an aluminum wallet, however, offers you added levels of protection without adding weight or bulk. Aluminum is naturally corrosion resistance thanks to a protective oxide coating that forms naturally when it is exposed to air. Further processing of the alloy (through anodizing, for instance) enhances this natural resistance to any moisture or chemicals that would destroy a traditional wallet.

Additionally, aluminum is a natural reflector of light and heat. So that unexpected campfire incident that destroyed your fabric wallet is no longer a worry. 

Environmentally friendly. Aluminum is not only non-toxic, but it does not release odors or taint anything that comes in contact with it. This makes your aluminum wallet an environmentally safe alternative to treated fabrics and leather, which commonly comes in contact with formaldehyde, syntans, and glutaraldehyde (the stuff used to treat warts) during the tanning process.  

Aluminum wallets are also easily recyclable should you ever need to replace it with a new one. In fact, aluminum is often referred to as the “engine of recycling economics” given its prominence in the still-growing global recycling industry. Nearly 75 percent of all aluminum produced in the US is still in circulation today, which is good for the environment and for business given that recycling aluminum saves more than 90 percent of the energy required to produce new metal.

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Upscales with tech easily. Strength takes many forms, and as we noted in a previous blog, identity, personal data theft, and similar cybercrimes are a growing and serious threat around the world. In fact, credit card fraud of all types more than doubled from 2017 to 2019 and only continues to rise. Victims of what is known as Card-Not-Present fraud are especially vulnerable since they are most often unaware of the theft until they notice or are notified of unauthorized charges on their account or have their cards unexpectedly decline. Easily equipped with state-of-the-art technologies designed to block the 13.56MHz frequencies used by hackers looking to scan your credit cards for vital information that can be used or sold on the black market, your aluminum wallet offers a strong defense of your personal data. 

Cybersecurity tip: Next to an RFID-blocking aluminum wallet your best defense against this type of fraud is to sign-up for email or phone notifications each time your card is used for an online or phone purchase. 

Your Next Purchase

It’s unlikely that buying a new wallet will find its way onto your life plan next to tackling the slopes at Val d’Isere or enduring the whitewater of the Colorado River. So, do yourself a favor and make your next wallet one that will last a lifetime. Strong, durable, and remarkably lightweight, an aluminum wallet protects your valuable cards and information with the style and elegance that you deserve. Knowing your valuables are safe allows you to live life as you want to, not as you need to in order to protect a wallet tucked away somewhere in your gear.

Why are these kinds of wallets so important, you may ask? We have the RFID Wallets: The Benefits Explained article waiting for you! 
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