AirTag and RFID-Blocking Wallets | Do they work together?

Understanding what devices are compatible with others without interference can be difficult. Read on and learn more about AirTags and RFID-blocking wallets.
Is AirTag Compatible With RFID-Blocking Wallets

Many kinds of devices and products keep your information secure and safe. Some of these protections consist of AirTags and RFID-blocking wallets. 

AirTags are explicitly designed to track your things. They help keep track of items you have placed an AirTag in and left behind. You can access the location of your AirTag or AirTags through Find My Friends on your Apple device. When an item of yours that is tagged gets left behind, you will get a notification on your iPhone.

RFID-blocking wallets are designed to protect the information within your wallet that you take everywhere with you day-to-day. RFID is made up of specific materials to develop the product of protection for your card information. you can also read about RFID-Technology. 

Are They Compatible?

Are They Compatible

RFID wallets and AirTags are compatible devices when put together. This will allow you to obtain the highest potential security and tracking for your materials. When keeping the two devices together, the RFID wallet does not mess with the signal of the AirTag. This works to your advantage and leaves you not worried about losing your items or having your card information taken. 


Airtag Advantages

There are many advantages to having an AirTag and an RFID-blocking wallet in your possession. Some of these reasons consist of the following:

  • Top security with your items and information
  • High technology that doesn’t interfere with each other
  • Confidence that information is safe and items are kept track of

Our wallet works well with the AirTag ensuring that your information is safe and secure. Having the confidence that an RFID-blocking wallet isn’t going to block your AirTags connection gives you the confidence that you’ll know where your items are at all times.

As both devices work well together, you have the confidence to avoid having to worry about whether or not you can find your item that is left behind or lost. As well as walking down the street, going about your day-to-day life and not stressing about information being stolen. 

Both of the devices have high technology. This is a great advantage. The RFID wallet and the AirTag use two different forms of technology and materials, allowing them to maintain the goal. 

Carrying the RFID-blocking wallet and the AirTag gives you confidence and extra protection when going out and about. When people go about their day-to-day life, they will get overwhelmed, misplace things, or leave something out in a vulnerable position to being taken. These two features allow you to see exactly where your item is or not stress about your information from your wallet being skimmed and used by someone else. 


Airtag Disadvantages

As there are advantages to the RFID wallet and AirTag together, there are also some different disadvantages. So let’s learn more.

  • Extra accessory
  • Cost
  • Doesn’t prevent your items from being stolen

Having an AirTag and your RFID wallet can be an extra accessory for what you’re carrying. It could potentially be inconvenient. While wanting the utmost protection when it comes to your valuables, it can be challenging to maintain both devices. 

Another disadvantage when it comes to both the AirTag and RFID wallet is the extra cost. When wanting to maintain the most protection. The additional cost can be offset when wishing to purchase both items. 

The RFID wallet and the AirTag are helpful but don’t prevent your item from being stolen. The RFID-blocking wallet prevents your information from being taken, but not the wallet itself. The airbag allows you to track your tagged item but doesn’t prevent someone from taking it into their possession.

Different Alternatives

Different Alternatives


When it comes to AirTags and RFID-blocking wallets, just like any other product, there are many options: more expensive, cheaper, and ones with different features. So let's get into the various products you can choose from. 

For the more expensive AirTag option, there is an option for an Hermès AirTag. The Hermès AirTag sells for about $299.00-$405.00. The more expensive RFID wallets go for around $110.00. This being the more expensive option can be difficult depending on how much you're willing to spend. 

There aren't just expensive options; there are also cheaper options. One option is the Tile. The Tile starts at around $24.99. A more affordable RFID-blocking wallet option is the Oak Leathers starting at about $9.99. These alternates can be good if you are on a budget.

Why It’s Best To Have Both

Why It’s Best To Have Both


Although there are advantages and disadvantages to having both an RFID-blocking wallet and an AirTag, it is best to have them both. They are significant steps and purchases to ensure the utmost protection of your items and belongings. AirTags go perfectly with our Zuboot wallet as it is RFID which is already protecting your card information, and this way, you won’t ever lose it. 

It can be more money to purchase an AirTag and our RFID wallet. But there is complete confidence behind the devices that it is worth it. It’s best to have both, knowing that you are doing what you can to protect your things. 

So don’t wait. Join everyone else in purchasing your Zuboot RFID wallet and adding an AirTag!

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