Portable Powerbanks: 10 Reasons Why You Need One Now

Portable powerbanks are crucial to those who are constantly on the move. 10 reasons why you need one now.
Portable Powerbanks: 10 Reasons Why You Need One Now

Portable Powerbanks: 10 Reasons Why You Need One Now

Portable power is a hot commodity in today’s device-driven world which makes reliable, safe portable powerbanks essential for anyone from high-performance executives to traveling students. There are many reasons why you should invest in quality portable powerbank, so if you are still pondering your purchase or are looking to add another powerbank to your life here are the top 10 reasons why you should act sooner rather than later. 

Why portable powerbanks are a great investment

Reason 1: Convenience of charging almost any device. Although most users rely on portable powerbanks to charge phones and tablets, the range of charging applications is almost unlimited. Laptops, fans, digital cameras, drones, portable fans, or light systems – almost anything with a USB port can plug in, charge up, and be ready for action safely and conveniently. 

And as smartphones continue to add features, from high-speed data processing to large color screens that allow you to watch full-length movies while on the beach, power will become increasingly valuable. Investing in portable power banks will help future-proof your devices and ensuring that innovation is never realized at the cost of convenience.

Reason 2: Portability is right in the name, so it is clearly a reason to add a portable powerbank to your personal accessory set. A good quality 20,000 mAh powerbank weighs in only 4 ounces, so tossing one in your purse or briefcase as easy. Going international? A TSA-approved powerbank can make the journey with you. Heading out backcountry hiking or skiing? Slip a portable powerbank in your backpack and never worry about a dead phone or camera. More extreme adventures in your calendar, look for a shock-proof, dust and water-resistant powerbank that can keep up with every challenge you toss its way. Charge your devices when you need to and wherever you are. 

Powerbank travel tip: Many airlines have instituted a 20,000 mAh cap on portable power banks that can be carried aboard their planes. It’s always a good idea before flying to check with your airline on what the maximum capacity requirements are, if any.

woman camping by rv on her laptop

Reason 3: Sharing with others is not only a nice thing to do but totally possible with dual or multiple-output portable powerbanks. While electronic devices are often criticized for damaging person-to-person interactions and creating a sense of social isolation, portable power banks are truly a communal tool. Replacing the water cooler as a meeting point in an office, portable powerbanks allow you the freedom and adventure to “share a charge” with a friend, coworker, or even a total stranger. 

Reason 4: Affordability is a hallmark of today’s generation of portable power banks. With a 20,000 mAh unit available for as little as $45USD. Even with special charging features like multiple ports, USB-C, or Quick Charge, portable power banks offer great value and impressive return on investment. What is the point of having your high-end digital camera on your ski trip if it runs out of charge on the third run of the day?

Reason 5: Personal and family safety very often relies on your ability to communicate with your loved ones, so a dead cellphone battery is not just inconvenient, it can be dangerous. Keeping fully charged portable powerbanks in your vehicles, your kid’s dorm rooms, and anywhere else your family might be is always a good idea in case of emergencies or unexpected threats to your personal wellbeing.

Reason 6: Up your professional game. Whether you are a photographer, vlogger, sales executive, or professional gamer, portable powerbanks can keep your devices charged and working. While your competition scrambles to find an outlet, you simply plug in, charge up, and get back to doing what needs to get done.   

Reason 7: A wide range of options means that portable powerbanks are available for any personal or professional lifestyle. Go as small as 2,000 mAh or as large as 20,000 mAh depending on the number of devices you carry and the conditions you live and work in. Given the affordability of today’s portable powerbanks, you can buy a variety of sizes so that you are never without one in the office, car, or cottage.

Powerbank option tip: As a rule of thumb the bigger the battery the higher its capacity and the more ports you will have available for charging. Most portable powerbanks will have at least one standard USB-A port for both input and output. As USB-C becomes the new standard in more phones, laptops, and tablets you might want to consider adding a portable powerbank with at least one USB-C port to your collection. 

Reason 8: Durability was an issue of early generation portable powerbanks, but not anymore. Today’s units are encased in cutting-edge materials that means they can manage the rough-and-tumble of everyday life with ease. 

Reason 9: Reduces the stress associated with worrying about battery life, how long you have left on your charge, or where the nearest power source is. Watching your phone or tablet slowly run out of power when you are not near an outlet is truly modern stress. Portable powerbanks alleviates the worry and allows you to enjoy the devices freely. 

man working on his laptop by beachfront

Reason 10: Extend your fashion and personal brand statement. Let’s be honest, portable powerbanks can look sexy, sophisticated, and cool. Still found in the familiar black case, they are available too in a range of materials, finishes, and colors. Portable powerbanks are poised to become the next must-have tech accessory, blending functionality with art and crossing performance with cutting-edge design. 

The Bottom Line

Life without portable power is hard to imagine. Portable power banks provide a safe and secure one-stop solution to almost all of your charging needs, whether in the car, on the beach, or in the boardroom. Affordable and available in a wide range of colors and materials as well as with an ever-growing list of features, portable powerbanks will change you live and work with all your electronic devices. Portable power is not essential for life in the modern world, it’s essential to power you to success in both your personal and professional life.
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