Pairing a Zuboot wallet with an outfit

Pair a zuboot wallet with your outfit. Match from head to toe with a customizable wallet from zuboot. You will not regret it!
Pairing a Zuboot wallet with an outfit

Finding the right outfit is never easy for a guy. You aren't sure which top goes with which bottom. What colors match or what accessories go well with certain pieces of clothes. Creating an outfit for the day or a certain activity is like a puzzle. You must make sure all the pieces of clothing and accessories fit perfectly together. Luckily the Zuboot team is here to provide you with some sweet new treads and, most importantly, what Zuboot wallet to get with each outfit. It's a great time for change, so let's spice up your wardrobe and your go-to wallet! 

Suit and Carbon Fiber Z Wallet

zuboot z wallet and outfit










An all-time classic look for the sophisticated guys is the suit. A blacked-out suit is always a great look for your workday or a night out on the town. The perfect wallet that pairs well with this outfit is the pristine Carbon Fiber Z Wallet. The Z Wallet is a Zuboot original and one of the best-looking wallets in the game. There is no sharper look than a suit and a Z for your fancy dinner dates or business meetings. 

Flannel and Black Purus Wallet 

zuboot wallet and outfitblack purus zuboot wallet


For guys, a trendy look right now is a flannel, black pants, and white sneaks. Specifically, rocking a red flannel really pops with the black and white. This outfit is the go-to for many when going out for weekend bar hopping and concerts. A Zuboot that goes well with this fit is the Black Purus wallet. A smooth-looking wallet for a cool-looking outfit. 


Colorful Hoodie and Alien Invasion Wallet

colorful hoodie outfitalien invasion zuboot wallet


Adding in some color to your wardrobe is always a good idea. One of the easiest and most comfy ways to do so is rocking a hoodie. It's an effortless look, but the fitting hoodie can make all the difference when going out to a bar or a party. The perfect Zuboot that pairs well with a colorful hoodie is the Alien Invasion wallet. This premium-designed wallet is just a relaxed vibe. It is visually pleasing to look at, and the color scheme all flows together. Connect this colorful wallet with your favorite hoodie!

Leather Jacket and Skulls Wallet 

leather jacket outfitskulls zuboot wallet


A leather jacket is not for everyone. You really have to be a confident guy and have a certain demeanor about you to be able to pull off the leather jacket look. If you can, though, you own that style almost always. The Zuboot Skulls wallet is bold, confident, and has a very similar vibe to the leather jacket. Whether it's going out for a ride on your motorcycle or hitting up your local bar, the Skulls Wallet will fit seamlessly with your leather jacket.

Bomber Jacket and Nova Wallet

bomber jacket outfitnova zuboot wallet


The bomber jacket is a bit of a throwback look but has recently come back in a big way. A bomber jacket plus some joggers and sneakers is a nice look for walking around the city or going out for date night. The material of a bomber jacket is very silky, smooth, and shines in the right light. The Nova Brushed Aluminum is the Zuboot wallet that can shine with a bomber jacket. The Nova wallet is one of the brightest stars in the wallet game, with such a luxurious look and feel. A black bomber jacket paired with the Black Nova Wallet is a match that was written in the stars. 

Blacked-out workout outfit and Carbon Fiber Urban Explorer Wallet

blacked out gym outfitcarbon fiber urban explorer zuboot wallet


The old saying of "look good, play good" stays true when talking about going to the gym. The right gym outfit can make all the difference in your performance. If you want to give yourself a little extra boost at the gym, go with a blacked-out gym outfit. On the bottom, go with slim black joggers pants or black athletic shorts with the long black leggings underneath. On top, throw on a black cutoff shirt. This is a great look that will have you looking and performing your best. The Zuboot wallet that perfectly pairs with this gym attire is the Carbon Fiber Urban Explorer wallet. The shine from the carbon fiber material on the Urban Explorer wallet will look stellar while you are pumping that iron.  

Golf polo and Golf wallet

mens golf polo outfit


This one is a pretty obvious one, but the next time you are hitting up the links for a round of golf, take the Zuboot Golf wallet along. Specifically, a purple-colored golf polo that is tucked into some black golf pants is a classic look; try it on your next golf outing. It may not help you with your handicap, but you'll certainly look your best with the Zuboot Golf wallet on your next tee time. 

Patterned Short-Sleeve Button-Up Shirt and Purus Triangles Pattern Wallet

patterned short sleeve button-up shirt


When the summer weather hits, a trendy and comfortable look for guys is a patterned short-sleeved button-up shirt. These types of shirts come in many different colors, patterns, and are usually made from very thin material, so you stay cool in the heat. A Zuboot that would fit in great with one of these shirts is the Purus Triangles Pattern wallet. This new premium designed wallet comes in black, silver, and blue, so it can match whatever patterned shirt you are wearing that day. 

Your new Zuboot wallet and outfit

Now you have some outfit inspiration, and more importantly what Zuboot wallet goes with it. Take these new outfits and wallet combos and make them your own. If you are looking for a new slim minimalist wallet, look no further than Zuboot. Shop for your next go-to wallet in our products section.

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