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June 09, 2022 6 min read

Go and ask any person, any gender really; having a purse or wallet is important for most. Don’t take just our word for it and ask around. The person sitting near you, a colleague, a class fellow. You will get to know that 99 percent of the time. I have seen females using wallets as well. But here we will discuss about a good wallet for men.

People generally have to take several essential items with them daily while going out. Be it cash or identity cards, credit or debit cards, driving licenses, and more. Some people also put receipts and important notes in it. In short, there is so much that a wallet holds, including memories and financial freedom.

Features of a Good Wallet for Men

Anyways, here we are going to discuss a few, more specifically 7, features that a good wallet should have for men. After asking others and researching, we have concluded that a good wallet is what everyone looks for. Looks matter but comfort does too. So, let’s talk about these features below.

Quality of the material

Knowing the material from which the wallet is made is very important. Even the one that looks high quality is not always the one. There are a few materials that are both having good quality and are comfortable to be used, especially when these are placed in the back pocket.

Some of these materials include:

  • Leather
  • Metallic
  • Carbon fiber


This is one of the most used materials to make good-quality wallets. Leather is obtained from animal hides. Raw leather is not usable as it deteriorates sooner. “Raw hides are susceptible to decomposition and cannot be used without treating and altering their fibers first.” Leather really makes a good wallet for men.

The most common animal hide from which wallets are made comes from the cow. At the same time, other animals whose hides are used in the production of many items include sheep, buffalo, goats, and deer.

The reason processed hide or leather is used for making wallets include:

  • Leather has a high resistance to fire
  • Leather is also resistant to being ripping or tearing
  • The processed hide is usually also, puncture-proof
  • Leather also has a low chemical vulnerability
  • And lastly, leather has a heat insulation property as well

Metallic, aluminum, and Carbon fiber:

Metallic, aluminum, and carbon fiber materials are also great options for making wallets. These wallets, i.e., those made from the above-stated materials, take less space and don’t allow you to fill the wallets with unnecessary items. So it is responsible for being space efficient.

Carbon fiber wallets are actually helpful because of the security they provide. “An RFID wallet for men is crafted with a layer of carbon fiber that blocks the electromagnetic fields from getting to your cards.”

Carbon fiber material also makes a good wallet for men who like slim and lightweight wallets for everyday use.

Design of the wallet

The designs of the wallets keep updating and get customized with the passage of time. The wallet’s design is essential because it is how you consider the functionality. Can it be used long-term? So you may have a good wallet, but if you can’t use it, it doesn’t matter.

The trick is that the wallet is designed in a way that forms a merger of functionality and aesthetics. But this is not as easy as it sounds.

A bulky wallet may support your items but won’t look appealing, while a minimalist wallet may look cooler and sharper, but it may make you compromise on carrying all your items.

So before finalizing the design, see how many items are a must-have for you on a daily basis that you just have to take with you everywhere you go.

Cash, cards, licenses, etc., do you really have to bring everything, or is it just a habit?

The latest trend that is seen nowadays is people carrying RFID wallets. These are slim and have a minimalistic look making them a perfect wallet for people who like carrying light.

Size of the wallet

As the material and design features explain, wallets come in all shapes and sizes. As discussed, a leather wallet is the one that gives the owner a lot of space to add a lot more items than is completely necessary. At the same time, metallic and carbon fiber wallets are the ones you can use if you like not carrying extra weight daily. Any good wallet for men usually will satisfy the need associated with wallets, size-wise.

Back Pocket or front pocket

Which pocket do you usually find yourself putting your wallet into? Back pocket? Front pocket? Jeans pocket? Shirt pocket?

Again, the slim wallet will be a good option for the back pocket, but then a metallic wallet will not suit that pocket being hard to touch.

So as much as the selection of a wallet is important, the pocket size and position are also important.

Craftsmanship and the perfect wallet

A good wallet for men can be bulky or slim, made of leather or metal, but in the end, if the craftsmanship is not excellent, it may bring a bad after-use taste for the customer.

Details of a perfect wallet do not come in a day. The companies take time and practice to get to the ideal wallet finish line.

To know about the craftsmanship of any wallet, you will need to look for two points.

The point of origin matters, firstly. If the craftsman is from a place where leather crafting has been done for many years, then they will know all the correct details that must be part of the good wallet for man.

South Asian, geographically speaking, have been known to have an eye for detail and dedication when using leather to create wallets.

Another important point is the attention given to creating the perfect wallet. It includes the sewing, especially the sewing, and other aspects like pockets inside and out.

Looking at the most delicate details of the wallet tells a lot about the product.

RFID Protection

So yes, we have discussed it in one of the previous features. But it is so important of a deal that an additional feature must be added.

The majority of the people use credit cards, and a huge, albeit common, the threat is stealing data from credit cards or debit cards.

RFID protection is a feature you all should have in their wallets, whether the material used is leather or carbon fiber.

RFID slim aluminum and carbon fiber wallets are great options to choose from. RFID protects your information, making your wallet a secure place to put your credit cards.

Note: RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.

Extra Driver’s License Holder

Some wallets, well, now the number has increased as more and more people have been asking for this feature, so many wallets nowadays have an extra removable pocket inside the wallet that is usually used as a Driver’s License Holder.

This also makes a great addition, in our opinion. Easy to remove, easy to use as a license cover.

Our Top 3 Suggestions of good wallets for men:

All of these seven features are important when looking for a good wallet for men. So whether you are an employee, employer, or student, a good wallet will be the one that can resonate with you and your style.

Here are our top choices that can help you decide which one matches your personality and needs:


Why do we like it?

  • Aluminum RFID Slim Wallet in Brushed Metal 
  • High-Performance Material: Aluminum
  • RFID-Blocking Wallet
  • Removable Cash Clip
  • Front Pocket Carry
  • Backed by Exclusive Lifetime Warranty

Best to Gift Someone Personalized Wallet

Why do we like this one?

  • RFID Blocking Personalized Photo Wallet
  • High-Performance Material: Aluminum
  • Personalized Wallet with Photo
  • Full Color Printed Custom Wallet 
  • Secured with RFID technology
  • Front Pocket Carry
  • Fast Turnaround (2 business days)


Why do we like this one?

  • High-Performance Material: Aluminum
  • Unique Print Design
  • RFID-Blocking Wallet
  • Front Pocket Carry

But if are you looking for More Designs, feel free to visit: RFID Wallets Zuboot

Happy wallet hunting, guys.

Pepper Gang
Pepper Gang

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