RFID Blocking Wallet Protects You From Being a Victim of a “Skimming Scam”

RFID Blocking Wallet Protects You From Being a Victim of a “Skimming Scam”

RFID Blocking Wallet Protects You From Being a Victim of a “Skimming Scam”

There is little doubt that innovations in credit card technology have made it easier for you to enjoy the lifestyle you have earned. Thanks to radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, paying for that important business lunch or weekend round of golf is as easy at tapping a payment terminal (also known as contactless payment). 

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But with convenience comes risk, as cybercriminals quickly found various ways to take advantage of this very common technology, stealing you’re the private information stored in your credit card’s memory and either using it to make substantial purchases or selling it on the black market. Known as skimming, it is one cyber threat that you can protect yourself against with one simple and stylish purchase: an RFID Blocking Wallet. 

Understanding Skimming and Cybercriminals

When a cybercriminal sets out to skim credit card information, the process is relatively simple. He purchases an RFID reader or scanner (under $100) that is preset for the correct RFID frequency (up to 13.56 MHz). Once the electronic pickpocket gets within the transmission range the machine does the rest. 

Once within range, the reader triggers your credit card RFID tag to send out radio waves that contain your card’s vital information. The reader simply collects these radio signals and decodes them, extracting the information that was supposedly held securely in the RFID tag. Without even knowing it, you have become a victim of skimming. The criminal might be well on his way to a spree of fraudulent purchases (often online), which now makes you a victim of what is called Card Not Present fraud. 

And Card Not Present Fraud is on the rise as more people go cashless and more criminals take advantage of RFID technology. Card Not Present fraud is now 81 percent more likely to occur than in-store fraud. Unless, of course, you have an RFID Blocking Wallet as part of your personal cybersecurity plan. 

How an RFID Blocking Wallet Protects You

One of the most effective ways to stop RFID skimming is to disrupt the incoming reader transmission, blocking it from triggering your credit card RFID tag. An RFID Blocking Wallet does just that: stopping a skimming attack before it even begins. Here is how it works: 

Aluminum. One of the most common materials used in the design and construction of an RFID Blocking Wallet is aluminum. A high permeability material, the metal push raises an electromagnetic line of defense against the intrusive radio waves, forcing them “bend” as they try to pass through the RFID Blocking Wallet. The waves are scattered across the surface of the wallet, where they are easily absorbed before ever reaching their RFID target.  

Aluminum has other benefits as well, reinforcing the defense qualities of your RFID Blocking wallet. These include:

  • An impressive strength to thickness ratios (much higher than even steel) that allows your RFID Blocking Wallet to be ultra-thin (and ultra-stylish) without losing any strength or flexibility

  • Super durable thanks to its ability to absorb energy from drops and collisions, which means that once tucked inside your RFID Blocking Wallet your cards are fully protected against accidental damage

  • Lightweight, so it can be carried without the weight or mass of a traditional bifold wallet

  • Corrosion-resistant so you don’t have to worry about that sudden squall that hits on the back nine impacting the protection offered by an RFID Blocking Wallet.

Carbon Fiber. Another very common material in an RFID Blocking Wallet, fiber carbon works exactly like aluminum to bend and absorb the pickpocket waves before they can do any damage. It also offers all the additional benefits of strength, and the durability to last a lifetime, even under heavy day-to-day use. 

A bonus: carbon fiber can be produced in a full range of colors, making your RFID Blocking Wallet available in a color to match your lifestyle (and wardrobe) perfectly.  

Protection Can Be Stylish, Too

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Protecting your privacy and lifestyle is one thing but doing it in style is an added benefit, which is where an RFID Blocking Wallet excels. Strong, durable, and lightweight, they are remarkably slim, which allows you the full protection of RFID blocking without any additional clutter or thickness. In fact, an RFID Blocking Wallet is likely thinner and less cumbersome than your existing leather or fabric bifold wallet. Carrying up to 12 credit cards without stretching, the no-fold design provides you space for all the essentials in a minimalist style that is eye-catching and timeless.

Aluminum RFID Blocking Wallets are also fully recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to traditionally tanned leather that uses a variety of toxic chemicals in its preparation.

But if the leather is your style, RFID Blocking Wallets do come in more traditional bifold or fold-over packages, with an added layer of frequency blocking aluminum or carbon fiber fabric carefully hand- or double-stitched in place as a shielding liner. Need a high-tech option when negotiating the suit-and-tie crowd? Not a problem when upgrading to the future of wallet technology.

The convenience of contactless payment and a cashless lifestyle comes with some risk. But with an RFID Blocking Wallet, you can enjoy the best of both worlds with confidence. Embrace the future with your tap-and-go purchases knowing that you are thwarting any cybercriminals that might have nefarious plans for your credit card information or personal ID. 
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