Prevent Fat Wallet Syndrome

Prevent Fat Wallet Syndrome

Fat Wallet Syndrome

Fat wallet syndrome, also know as wallet neuropathy, wallet neuritis, and credit carditis, is real! It can cause pain, damage and discomfort. It's easily prevented.

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Stop Fat Wallet Syndrome

Fat wallet syndrome, also know as wallet neuropathy, wallet neuritis, and credit carditis, is real! As credit cards became popular men (and women) started carrying more and more in their wallets and with this a new epidemic emerged known as “fat wallet syndrome.” Carrying a large thick wallet in their back pocket with a number of cards, papers, bills and/or coins while driving, riding and sitting has created pain, numbness and pinching of their sciatic nerve. We’re not kidding. Get your slim minimalist wallet and prevent fat wallet syndrome from happening to you!


of people have suffered from Fat Wallet Syndrome unnecessarily


of them have created buttock contusion or a hip/lower back torsional injuries


of them have annual occurrence of symptoms and problems caused by it

Fat Wallet Syndrome Explained

In the fast-paced life of today, most men tend to carry wallets that are loaded with coins and cards, bills, receipts, and more. When you are constantly receiving printed information as proof of your transactions, you probably quickly shove it inside your wallet without giving it a second thought too. Many people keep their wallets in their back pocket.

When you sit down with your wallet in there, there is a possibility that it might damage the central nerves in your lower back. This can result in extreme pain. The phenomenon is generally referred to as wallet neuropathy or fat wallet syndrome.

It is more commonly found in men as the majority of them carry wallets. The neuromuscular condition involves both piriformis muscle and the sciatic nerve. Some common symptoms of this condition include pain upon standing, sitting, or lying down for a long duration, difficulty in walking, and foot numbness.

Some other names that are used to describe this condition are walletosis, credit carditis, wallet sciatica, hippopocket syndrome, etc. So a wallet filled with junk is more harmful than you think. A simple solution to avoid this is to get a minimalist wallet. It will prevent you from hoarding unnecessary items and receipts.

Don't be like George.

Most people shove any small items they find or are given inside their wallet without giving it a second thought. Now, if you keep a fat wallet in the back pocket and sit down, there is a chance that it might damage the central nerves in your lower back. It can lead to extreme pain.

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fat wallet syndrome prevention with minimalist wallet

The Benefits of a minimalist wallet

Some other benefits of a minimalist wallet include:

  • It reduces potential security and safety risks

Carrying every single credit card, debit card, or ATM card you own only ensures a field day for the thief in case your wallet gets stolen or lost. Moreover, you will have no other options while you wait for new cards. Fortunately, a minimalist wallet can help prevent any of this. It ensures you carry only the necessities with you, such as one main card and another one as a backup. So, even if your wallet gets stolen, you will face less loss. Keep in mind: Do not carry it if you will not need it. You may also digitize your payment cards and avoid carrying one at all.

  • Less clutter

A cluttered wallet can wreak havoc on your mind. Imagine you are in a hurry and have to take out some change and pay the cab driver but your wallet is like a maze. You have to carefully maneuver through it to find what you need. This can be stressful. It can ruin your mood and make you irritable. A minimalist wallet ensures less clutter as it restricts the number of things you can carry in it. If there are fewer items in your wallet, you will have to deal with fewer things while searching for something.

  • It ensures your spending is organized and more strategic

A decluttered wallet is a decluttered mind. If your wallet does not have unnecessary bulk, it becomes easier to keep track of your money and ensure smart spending. This will prevent you from purchasing things impulsively without taking your money situation into consideration and also help with saving.

  • Keeps everything organized

A minimalist wallet ensures you have to deal with fewer items in your wallet. Thereby, helping everything stay organized. Putting things back in their place will not be a hassle because of fewer items. Not to forget, you cannot shove anything you want, anywhere you want inside a minimalist wallet.

  • It helps you find things easily and quickly

Fewer items in your wallet mean it will be easier for you to find things. Getting a minimalist wallet is not only about getting rid of things you do not need, it is also a good opportunity to determine your everyday necessities and organize them so they are easily accessible. It can be particularly helpful if you suffer from a serious health problem and need to place emergency information where you can easily see it.

Final Thoughts

Living in a fast-paced, digital world means that every day is about evaluating risk. The risk to your health, privacy, money, and the personal information you carries with you every day. A minimalist wallet is a stylish, comfortable, and secure way to reduce the risk associated with fat wallet syndrome, cybertheft and personal data breaches. Durable and strong, carbon fiber or aluminum RFID minimalist wallets are an affordable addition to any man's wardrobe and an excellent gift for those he loves and protects.

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