Meet Our Owners

Meet Oz and Stefanie. The entrepreneurs and marketing executives who one day, not too long ago, decided to venture out and explore other things beyond marketing. When the pandemic hit and everyone hunkered down, the two, unconventional as they are, decided to do something big! They took their creative minds, their different backgrounds, cultures, ideas and developed something that inspires them everyday and allows them to give back in a big way.

Developing a product that was not only high quality, but also like nothing that is out there today was on the top of their list. They opened The place to find high-quality products, unique designs like the Z wallet, limited edition styles and personalized wallets to inspire customers to get creative and bring joy everyday.

Everyone carries their things with them, why not make it your own, completely custom to you and your life, family or whatever inspires you to do your best. My wallets are inspired by nature, often brushed with mountainside flowers or fall leaves, that is what inspires me everyday. ~Stefanie

So, off they went to develop something that people would love and love to carry and feel good about it because they helped make a difference. Through Feeding America, purchases made on are turned into donations to help feed hot meals to families in need across the country.

Stefanie, Oz and the Zuboot team are so happy that you have joined their community. Thank you.

About the Brand

Zuboot is a Boston based brand offering Personalized products through a specialized printing process that allows full color printing on wallets and other other products. A brand focused on customer service where each team member is personally dedicated to ensuring a smooth process, providing helpful information and answering any questions or concerns as quickly as possible.


To provide unique products that people will love and love to use. Offering great customer service while giving back for a win-win for everyone. We want to develop a brand where people think about quality, fashion, unique and useful products.

Brand Vision

To have a brand where we can feel good about the products we offer. They are quality, unique, useful items people love. Giving back for each product sold through a partnership with Feeding America. A brand that is trust worthy and where customers have a personal connection so that when someone receives their order, they are excited about what they are getting and know that the team that assisted along the way cares. A brand where the owners care and are approachable, often answering customer questions directly.